The Voice of an Open Mind

Posted on October 7, 2010


I applaud before hand, the effort from other authors in making Tabloid Mim a reality. National issues, campus issues and other sorts of literature are being compiled and published through the Internet and through other means. Specifically, the interest of this particular author (me) would be touching mainly on international issues but since this is the first write up, let’s talk about having open mindedness.

The reason why the issue of open mindedness is important is because if there is nobody with this type of mentality, there is no space for change. Not only that, we tend to judge somebody by only knowing the profile of the person. I give u an example of a person who has a different political view as the majority. Without open mindedness, this majority would not want to listen to whatever is said or written by that particular person.

It is only fair I would say if the majority could listen and analyze what the person has in mind. I think this is a problem where a lot of us students face when it comes to something new or different. I bet there will be bunch of people who condemns this Tabloid but it is okay if they have read the tabloid and fairly judge it. I feel that it is not okay if a person would just condemn something without understanding what is laid in front of them.

For us to be a moving young community, we should not inherit this type of attitude, as it could not develop our attributes. The only way to move forward and be developed is to LISTEN and ANALYSE instead of just giving hate comments. Analyzing also means thinking therefore I see that if we think more we would judge people less and by that we could help our nation on something somehow. After all we are University students and if I am not wrong, University means a place where intellectuals meet and discuss issues. It might be Latin, Greek, I don’t know. So we should recap our objectives coming to campus. Is it to get a degree only or just to have fun with friends or to come and learn and gain the knowledge that is important to sustain the welfare of yourself and the rakyat in this country?

Because as I see it, the only smart and educated individuals in a certain country are the students. How can we be the voice of our rakyat if we are not open to new ideas and views? We are supposed to understand this NEW ideas and views so we could properly convey it to the rakyat. And rakyat also covers your friends and family.

Coming to my third paragraph, I figured that I didn’t make any clear point on the issue of open mindedness. Well, I gave few examples and situations but I guess the issue of mentality is a hard one to crack. Nevertheless it doesn’t mean that we have no hope. I see that we are near change, with this Tabloid and the remarkable articles written, soon we could be a much more developed student community and every importantly we are at par with the students in other parts of the world.  So lets open our minds and start reading the articles and with hope that we could come out with intellectual and constructive comments.


written by: El Che

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