Hypocracy at its best!

Posted on November 23, 2010


I hate it when you are told not to do something but in the end the person who told on you, did the exact thing that he doesn’t want you to do. Confusing huh? Comrades, that is what I call hypocrisy. Well at least everybody else calls it hypocrisy. Anyway on this write up I am going to basically talk bout the restriction us students have in getting involved in political groups or parties. I know this is an old issue but hell it still gets to my nerve. I won’t go into details like section this and that in the AUKU, but I am telling you for those who do not know, that all students are bound under this AUKU Act and a fun fact about this act is that it DOES NOT ALLOW students to join any political group or parties.

I know there are certain people out there who think that they do not want to talk bout politics and all this crap. Clubbing and yum cha is the way to go. But I could assure you this restriction “they “ put on you can be little bit irritating. Why? Because they are hypocrites.

I understand even the current government needs the support from the young ones. So they come out with activities or a club for pemuda2 or pemudi2 like us. If that’s the case then why bother have AUKU? Abolish it then. By only allowing students to join UMNO and not allow other students to join PKR or get involved in the party or whatnot is just a bloody double standard.

I have met this guy who is around 20 years old and studying abroad. This guy is also an UMNO guy. Well that is his rights and freedom to support any party or group that he wants. He even told me that the authorities had given him like instructions to carry out plans there at that particular country and he is proud of that. When I post a question regarding AUKU, he said “senyap2 sudah.”

With that answer, another question comes to mind, is the “authority” making way to their own supporters but not the rest? Do they allow students to take part in their political party activities but not allowing students to take part in either PKR or PAS or DAP’s activities? We also have club UMNO in the UK and Aussie. Why have these double standards?

I might not be disturbed as much if other students that wnts to follow PKR etc are not getting themselves into trouble. But look at our dear UKM4 comrades. Since the court rejected their appeal, UKM wants to take immediate action to expel them from the University. King Chai, one of the UKM4 was stripped of their Anugerah Dekan because of this whole thing. Is it right to take away something that he has worked hard for? Taking away what is rightfully HIS.

Many people or students would condemn the UKM4 and comment later saying “kau pembangkang, kau tak paham” and all those bullshit. WHAT IF, one day the opposition wins 2/3 majority and they apply same policy to you?

Because, if it happened to HIM, it can happen to YOU.

All I’m saying is that, even though you are a hardcore supporter of any party, please have compassion for the other students that are going through hardship like the UKM4. They are your fellow friends and comrades even if you are from a different University and different ideology. For once push all those away and support your fellow friends, they are studying in a University same as YOU, the least you could do is support them. Do not defend your UMNO la PKR la, they don’t know you and they don’t give 2 shits bout you. So support other students, support each other. Be united. Different ideologies and views can be discussed in a very civilized debate. Don’t be hurtful and stupid. By saying “apa kau merepek nih?” would not help the situation at all. If you have something to say, put it in an intellectual way. That way we could strive to a better understanding of each other and perhaps better future for us students.

Now this article definitely sounds like an essay assignment, with the corny conclusion and all that. Now I want to hear what you want to say. Be civilized.

I dare you.


Written by: El Che


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