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Posted on December 21, 2010


This is my first attempt to write, so please do forgive the lackness (if such word exists, ‘cos when I type it, there is a red underline) of my writing. And yeah, please comment.


There would be some scenarios where people just couldn’t give a fuck about everything or few things. Well, there is no blame on your part actually. No pressure as well to actually give a hoot on some issues. I do understand that feelings. But I do give a hoot or two when hearing upon remarks by someone on something which clearly were being made ignorantly and blatantly.


An easy example, why do we have Article 153 – asked a group of people. The “bertuan” or “berdaulat” people immediately accused them for being un-patriotic and refused to address that question. Their arguments will be, it is in the Federal Constitution, why are you questioning the supreme law of the land? Too bad la you’re not born to a Malay/Bumiputera parentage. These “bertuan” or “berdaulat” people, they don’t understand the substance of the question in the first place. Why can’t we question on something that affects us directly in our daily lives? We want to know and we demand the justifications of having such law and why are there such things?


Yes yes, why do I even care in the first place? I’m a one helluva lucky f’ler, studying in a good law school, where my hereditary position would not be easily affected, because evidently, my university is the most racist place to be. Kalah PERKASA siot. C’mon la, why on earth would you make race as a qualification to enter a learning institution? I repeat- it is a learning institution, for fag’s sake. I pity those who has been deprived a good quality education. Let me quote Yuna in her interview with The Nut Graph: UiTM is such a great school with such a great music and law school, and I am proud of it, so why not give other races the opportunity to enjoy its good education? Wa respek sama lu la Yunalis!


And I really detest some people who could not care less of their fellow friend’s plights. We are all in the same boats. You and I, both of us are students. You choose to keep silent. My friends and I believe that there is a light somewhere in the tunnel. But don’t you have the feelings of wanting to know what is up with your friends? Yet, you are ignorant of the efforts that my friends are doing. You know that there is law and as a student, you must obey in order to guarantee your graduation from those 3-4 years of studying. You just could not care less. You shrug us off and this conversation playing in your mind- you are wasting your times and it would be much better if you just concentrate in your studies. Sigh, I think you are the waste we are referring to. C’mon students, wake up! Be enlightened!


We can’t simply accept the law and obey it without knowing the substance of it. Don’t you think it is plain wrong to just give a certain group of people some benefits while other groups, who clearly needs it, are being deprived of the benefits? That is why some people see the needs to raise certain issues. However, I must stress that extremism of any kinds are forbidden. We shall not practice extremism. To oppose is fine, because it produces check and balance. But sometimes human beings tend to be carried away and thus become extremists. We need to refrain ourselves from going overboard. Personally, I’m scared of any extremists. Why? Because they acted based on their emotions and refused to listen to others not being in their group. There should be simultaneous debates between parties, and hopefully we all can reach to a point where we give and take fairly between us.




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